Saint Lucia Government to give greater focus to legislative program to boost investment

4/18/2014 Kelly

The Government of Saint Lucia, over the next few weeks, will place a stronger focus on legislation promoting economic recovery, investments and the enhancement of the business climate.

Among the measures to be advanced are the Companies Act and the Business Names Act.

As an interim measure and pending the enactment of a new Fiscal Incentives Act, amendments will be made to the present Act to allow investment in services to qualify for incentives.

Government will also work towards enhancing the framework for Intellectual Property, and for that purpose, will finalize Patent Regulations. Government will continue to emphasize good governance practices in support of the business sector both within the Private and Public Sectors. As part of this process, Parliament will consider new legislation to govern Public Procurement.

The establishment of Open Ship Registry will also be advanced during the coming year, meaning that Saint Lucia will have to accede to a number of International Conventions. Amendments to the Shipping Act are in an advanced stage and will be brought to Parliament, along with a Marine Pollution Bill. Legislation to control marine pollution and to bring into domestic law certain maritime conventions will be enacted.

The Creative Industries Bill will also be enacted in this parliamentary session

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