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Prime Minister to address Investors in the UK
5/12/2014 Dex
Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, left Saint Lucia Sunday, to travel to London for a number of engagements aimed at promoting investment in Saint Lucia.
St Lucia Real Estate Laws
4/18/2014 Greg
The property purchasing procedure in St. Lucia is similar to that in the UK, with the exception of the Alien’s Landholding Licence which all non-St. Lucian buyers must first acquire before they are able to hold and own property in StLucia.
Saint Lucia Government to give greater focus to legislative program to boost investment
4/18/2014 Kelly
The Government of Saint Lucia, over the next few weeks, will place a stronger focus on legislation promoting economic recovery, investments and the enhancement of the business climate.
Government Announces Reduction in Corporate Tax
4/18/2014 Alison
The Government of Saint Lucia has announced a reduction in Corporate Tax. This move will allow corporations to have additional funds for further investment and will hopefully lead to increased compliance.
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