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St. Lucia Citizenship By Investment to start in January 2016
10/8/2015 Tania
Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony delivered a stirring opening address to the Global Citizens Forum in Monaco on Thursday, October 8, 2015.
Purchasing Land in St Lucia by Non National | Realty St Lucia
10/9/2014 Malcolm
ALIEN’S LANDHOLDING LICENSE All non-nationals are required to obtain an Aliens Landholding License, in order to purchase property in Saint Lucia. The license is obtained from the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal
St Lucia Real Estate Laws
4/18/2014 Greg
The property purchasing procedure in St. Lucia is similar to that in the UK, with the exception of the Alien’s Landholding Licence which all non-St. Lucian buyers must first acquire before they are able to hold and own property in StLucia.
Saint Lucia Government to give greater focus to legislative program to boost investment
4/18/2014 Kelly
The Government of Saint Lucia, over the next few weeks, will place a stronger focus on legislation promoting economic recovery, investments and the enhancement of the business climate.
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